New Trends in Cardiology - Thessaloniki 2004
THESIS undertook the complete organisation, coordination and media promotion of a series of international conferences titled "NEW TRENDS IN CARDIOLOGY".
These conferences were organized by the 1st Cardiology Clinic of the AHEPA University Hospital in collaboration with the Cardiology Department of the University of Thessaly.

This case study refers in detail to the conference that took place in 2004 in Thessaloniki at the Makedonia Palace Hotel.
The hall in which the conference proceedings took place, which was arranged
to meet the needs of the conference
The Chairman of the conference’s Organising Committee,
Mr. Georgios Louridas, Professor of Cardiology at the AUTh,
flanked by Ms Litsa Kranias, Professor of Cardiovascular Biology
in the Medical School of the University of Cincinnati, USA,
and Artemis Thoma
The experienced and well-trained staff of THESIS provided
complete secretarial support throughout the course
of the conference proceedings to all of the participants
Photograph of the conference portraying the packed conference hall
Over 800 conference participants (cardiologists, heart surgeons, pathologists, nurses, students and executives from pharmaceutical companies) attended the conference proceedings.