C.E.T. 2003 " Carotid Endovascular Therapy "
With its experienced team of associates, THESIS undertook the entire organisation, the coordination of actions as well as the media promotion of the conference.

The Conference was Organized by the 1st Surgical Clinic of the AHEPA University Hospital in collaboration with the Hellenic Stroke Society and the Institut Lorrain pour la Recherche Medicale Diagnostique et Therapeutique, at the Astir Palace Hotel in Vouliagmeni on 28 February and 1 March 2003 in Athens.
The Chairman of the Conference’s Organising Committee,
Mr. Dimitrios Kiskinis, Professor of Vascular Surgery, AUTh
The opening of the conference commenced with a speech
by the Mayor of Athens, Ms Dora Bakoyannis
The specially arranged speakers’ panel
The hall in the Astir Palace Hotel in Vouliagmeni
arranged according to the needs of the conference
The conference’s exhibition area