Official presentation of the pilot sheep farming plant to the Greek market
THESIS designed and implemented the official presentation and promotion of MEVGAL’s pilot sheep farming plant, which took place on the company’s factory premises in May 2001.
  Special stage that was put up and arranged
according to the needs of the event
and of the space in which it took place
The event was planned with great care and absolute respect towards the company’s marketing policy.
The basic communications goal was to promote MEVGAL as a pioneering company in the dairy product sector and to enhance its current image, namely that of a prestigious and powerful company.
The project was inaugurated by the Minister of Macedonia and Thrace, Mr. Yiorgos Paschalidis, in the presence of MPs from the Thessaloniki Prefecture, mayors, prefectural governors, representatives of the production sector, businessmen, journalists and representatives of the local authorities.

Approximately 1,500 individuals participated.

The event was an absolute success and was covered by the media at both the local and national level.

The invitation to the event

Ms Mary Hatzakou with
Ms Artemis Thoma

Photograph of the event