Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace
International Conference
Its role as a regional centre of Southeast Europe"
In the context of the communications programme of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace for the year 2000, THESIS undertook the complete organisation, coordination and promotion of the international conference titled "THE ECONOMIC HISTORY OF THESSALONIKI. Its role as a regional centre of Southeast Europe".
The conference was organized by the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace in collaboration with the academic community and industry of Thessaloniki.
The Minister of Macedonia and Thrace Mr. Yannis Magriotis surrounded by
Messrs Kostas Yiakoumis, Artemis Thoma, Kostas Giokas and Haralambos Gountoulakis
during a break from the conference proceedings
The 600 participants who attended the conference proceedings and the distinguished speakers from 25 countries of Europe and America, who were accommodated in the comfortable rooms of the Makedonia Palace Hotel, experienced wonderful moments of Greek hospitality and enjoyed the exceptional service of the experienced and trained staff that provided secretarial support for the conference for 10 months on a daily basis.
The hall in which the conference proceedings took place, as it was arranged
in order to meet the conference’s needs