The Company
Thesis was founded in Thessaloniki by Artemis Thoma in 1991 and is active in the Marketing and Public Relations sector, providing Integrated Communications Solutions. Armed with knowledge, awareness, experience and reliability we reached the highest point of our goals, a paradise of communication …
We provide services that go beyond our clients needs
We provide experience and professional credibility
We implement the communication program
We provide quality for our services
Thesis philosophy is to Select the Target Groups, to Create the messages, to determine the Communication Channels and last but not least to take Advantage of the Results.

Our establishment in organizing large Local and International Conferences as well as other Events: (Official Inauguration Ceremonies, Product Celebrations, Receptions, Corporate Celebrations, Meetings) is the result of Thesis long –term experience, professionalism and reliability. Most of all it is the passion that characterizes our people and the trust that has been created between Thesis and its clients. Our people are our fortune and that is why we focus so much on the human factor. Given that marketing implies teamwork, it is the only way we can perform.

Thesis has collaborated with numerous Academic Departments, Scientific Societies, Public Sector Bodies and Industries as to consider that every customer is distinctive. We adhere to Marketing rules and respect the ways of communication, by applying modern, scientifically – documented methods. We do not present things better than they are. We “build” the company’s image based on its “strong” points and promote it to the Mass Media.

Future is not a thought that it will come but something that we face now. We preserve our dynamism and we invest in a society of knowledge. These are the advantages that our future clients will experience form a Position of Power.